5 Gal Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Your Choice

I got these and was very disappointed. There’s a screen on the spout that prevents me from using the battery powered pump I have. One can had a huge dent in the side, even though the box wasn’t dented at all - so obviously Eagle quality control didn’t think this was an issue when they boxed it up. Again, non-returnable. One of the reasons I’m very cautious ordering from Woot these days. I ended up giving them away as they were pretty useless to me.

Agree with above. Got my box and it was untouched. The can inside had a big dent.

When I contacted Woot, they said they’d give me a $5 discount to keep it or replace it but I had to re-ship at my own cost.

Obviously, it made better sense to keep it but the $5 doesn’t make up for receiving a product that already was damaged. I certainly could have seen myself returning it only to get another damaged can.

If it was received damaged and you reported it within 21 days, you will not have to pay for the shipping.

Looks like your purchase was back in 2014. I’m sorry if it was handled incorrectly.

It’s never too late to right a wrong if a company values customer service. Just sayin …

And for the record, I need a Jerry can but after hearing this, won’t even think about jumping in, too much potential hassle for too little savings.

I received my two unleaded (red) ones I ordered from the last Woot a couple of days ago in good order. There were no dents, etc.

I ordered one over a year ago and they are great and am replacing all of my plastic ones with these.

I just ordered another. Got one last time woot! had them. It arrived in good order. One point,the one I received had the yellow plastic pull handle. Not a deal breaker but just putting it out there. Now my father in law will have his own and leave mine alone!