5 Gal Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Your Choice

How long can gas be stored in one of these and it still remain good?

Edit: Looked into it. 30-90 days (or longer if stabilizer is added). Too bad. If it would have been good to use in a car up to 6 or 8 months, I’d have bought one of these, because they are awfully purdy. Sometimes my wife needs gas to make it to work the next day and I always go out and fill it up for her. I thought it would be nice to just be able to how gas handy to throw in the tank, but it doesn’t seem like it would last long enough.

This is a fairly good deal. Especially with winter being here (wouldnt know it in the DC Area). I have these exact cans sitting downstairs and I believe I paid $25 on some kind of super sale at Zorro tools. If you were to get two and split that $5 shipping, youd be good

Just rotate your stock!

You can easily get 30 days without adding anything to the fuel.

IMO…Stay away from Stabul and take a look at PRI-G, it will keep (or rejuvenate) your gas for years. Check out the real world testing done by users, not that the company is biased. This is not “snake oil” it works. I had gas from the end of 1999 (remember Y2K?) that was stored in 55 gallon drums that I finished using in my mowers, chain saws and log splitter in 2012. It flat out works when stored in a metal can as the can will not permeate O2.

Now… back to the cans. These are great cans at a most excellent price BUT the paint will for sure come off the bottom edge. Fear not, they will not rust as the can is galvanized coated. The other big complaint I read with these cans is, they are heavy (they do hold five gallons so they will weigh in at about 35 pounds when full), you may need another funnel and it may be hard for some to get the last drops out of the can when pouring into a car and may be somewhat hard to use the handle/sealing mechanism for some people until they get used to them as they are safety cans and need to be designed the way they are for real world reasons.

I was in on these cans many times at the $29.00 price point they were previously sold at on Woot, so this was a no brainer at $20.00!

Over at The Mother Ship:


These are excellent cans. They don’t tip (unless you’re being an absolute idiot), they don’t spill (same caveat), and they’re tough as nails.

I’d be in for 3 more, except I’m late to the game and the unleaded (red) cans have sold out. Not shocking given how great the price is.

I use these for my mowers/snowblower etc. I have stored all season without issue.