5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red


5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red
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Here is some OSHA info and safety tips

I bought this at a big box hardware store not 2 months ago, and I paid at least $40 for it. It’s a very sturdy gas can, that has an integrated lid, and the funnel can be removed, though it’s easier to hit the opening of the lawn mower gas tank with it on. I decided to spend the extra money on it over the cheap plastic cans because I was tired of dealing with the poorly designed gas nozzle on them. When you buy this gas can, you’ll be buying it for life.

Screaming deal. In for three.

I bought one of these the first time it was offered here at Woot. Definitely well worth it over the plastic cans that don’t seem to seal quite so well over time. Or worse, break.

With that said, Zoro Tools has this for $32.77 with free shipping, which makes it $0.22 cheaper because of the $5 shipping here.

Discussion from a previous offer

Got one of these on woot last year around Christmas. Best fuel can I have ever used, easily. I had 3 of the 5-gallon plastic jugs before I bought this metal canister and each of them leaked in their own special way when you were pouring.
This can has no leaks when pouring (unless you get sloppy and spill, but that really isn’t a leak) and has a lot of great features such as the removable funnel and spring-action lid.
I’m getting another so I can finally get rid of any remaining plastic fuel jugs I have left.

Somewhere in the house I have a 1 gallon version of this, I think it is the same brand since it looks the same… but it didn’t come with the funnel. Anyways, I wanted to mention that it is possible that it could get or be dented because mine showed up with a dent but it is InDestructible… meaning that it will survive anything short of a “Hay Y’all, Hold Ma’ Beer” youtube video and possibly even that occurrence even though you may not. This is the gas can your Dad had for 50 years.

I do not own one of these gas cans personally but can attest to their durability. I have worked for several cities in their parks maintenance departments and this type of gas can is the only thing that could hold up to the constant use and abuse we would put them through. If you buy this for home use expect to pass it on to your grandchildren, they are well made and very durable.

I bought three of these the last time they were on Woot!

Simply kick-ass, they are…

Tough construction, funnels are removable for refilling, and they are easy to use when pouring fuel… You’ll never need another gas can… period…

Almost forgot - one of the three I bought was the 3 gallon model, which is perfect for two-stroke mixed fuel for my chainsaw. I don’t see them offered today, but it’s the same as the 5 gallon: perfect…

Bought 2 of these for $47 each :frowning:
I have a generator and need to have spare gas around. IMHO plastic gas cans leach crap into your gas. I use Sta-bil as a gas treatment. Plastic can stored gas was bad after 6 mths. I’ve got 2 yr. old gas in the metal cans and it’s still good.
These cans are the best.

Remember: One gallon of gasoline = 6+ pounds x 5 gallons (if you plan on fillin’ er up) + 5.2 pounds = 35+ pounds. Lift with your legs, not your back!

Bought one of these last time around…no question, this is a lifetime gas can. I’ll be passing this one down to my kids. Well worth the money.

Bought one of these first time it was offered. One of the very few woot items that nobody has anything bad to say. If you could use one, but it. It will outlive you.

This is the best gas can around…I taught machine shop for 30 years in a school system and we used these in and around school…these are tough all around gas can. These are a little different from the older models, but still a great can. Anyways I just bought 3 of these…going to sell my older 8 plastic gas containers with the good spouts…figure I could get around $30 for all of them…so that would cover the cost of one of these. It will look good to have 3 matching cans in the garage instead of 8 different odd ball ones. The funnel is a great addition… am always looking for a funnel…this one attaches to the can so it will be their when I need it!! Also just in time for hunting in the northern Maine woods… Thank you WOOT…this is one of the better items you have offered!!

Listed on the Amazooon site…check it out…rated #1 gas can…oh and it is $42.95

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, 5 gallon Capacity, 13.5" Height, 12.5" Diameter
by Eagle

#1 Best Seller in Hazardous Storage Cans


This will be a quick rebuttal of those unfortunate reviewers who couldn’t figure out how to use this can. One of the complaints was that the can couldn’t be tipped enough to pour much liquid out. One individual proudly wrote that he bought a second funnel and poured through two funnels. Well, duh. Here is what you do instead of tipping… Imagine that the funnel has an axis going down through it and out the hole at the end of it. Now insert the funnel into whatever needs gas and begin to rotate the can around the axis of the funnel. Either way depending on which way is allowed by the shape of the car body. Slowly continue rotating from the starting point with the can down at the six o’clock position until eventually the can is upside down at the twelve o’clock position. It will be empty. I promise. The funnel is designed to catch the liquid pouring out of the spout all the way through this procedure. I have done it many times. And for the poor soul who poured gas on his feet… that would not have happened if he had put the funnel all the way on until the red spout of the can protruded inside the funnel. Push it hard because it’s hard to do for the first few times. Eventually it goes on more easily. But the spout has to be visible inside the funnel or feet will get wet. And for everybody… pour slowly! All funnels in existence can deliver only so much liquid per unit time out the end, so don’t put more than that in at the top. Simple, IMO.

Hello, got a complaint .

In this throw away world we live in today I figured when I added a new eagle safety can to my collection that it would be a good as the other 4 that I have. It was not. Metal was fine, a bit thinner; I thought but that’s todays world of cheaping products it would be ok as long as I didn’t back over it as I did the other one.

But it had a plastic opening handle… I wondered about it when I opened the box. Surly it was some type of sun proof nylon tough thing. Nope just plastic part waiting to break as it did the other day when we went to put the gas in the mower. . Snapped right at the junction where it met the metal lid.

If you miss this Woot or just want to save a couple pennies, Zoro has it for 32.77 (free shipping)

Bought two of these last year, for the same reason others mention: the “safety” nozzle on the newer plastic cans is really awful. This one pours wonderfully. However, on the bottom of this steel can, along the edge, the paint comes off right away, leaving bare metal open to rust.

I ordered three to replace three aging plastic cans ranging from 5 to 15 years old I currently use to support my rural homestead. These are the only type of can that is OSHA 29 CFR 106 Compliant and meet the requirements of NFPA 30 for Class 2 Flammable liquids (like gasoline).

And if you look at what the industrial supply houses are charging, you would buy the maximum.

And…I have worked as Safety Engineer for the last 30 years and these are cans we make our folks get to use in the manufacturing areas. What is nice about this type of can is lid lifts to vent to prevent overpressure and the flame arrestor keeps the entire can from going up at once. Plus they are conductive to minimize static.

Dumb question to those that have used this can. My 83 yr old mom still likes to cut her grass (because nobody does as good a job as she does). She has some issues with arthritis in the fingers. From a use perspective, how easy is this thing to pour, etc?