5-Hour Energy 12-Packs

5-hour energy won’t get you through the whole 8hr work day - but what will it get you through?

Will these Energy packs get me through my marriage?

1 3/5 of 5-Hour Energy…

You can get a 24 pack at SamsClub for $37

5-Hour Energy @ Sams Club

Cheaper at a certain big box retailer…

Cheaper at the mothership


Cheaper on Amazon (shipped)

Also, cheaper “List price” there…

Extra Strength


Really Woot? We are now selling a product that had been proven to increase the risk of heart attacks by a substantial margin?

yes they are…“Blood pressure goes up. Heart rate goes up and then they’ll start to feel the effects,” Taylor said. “Heart racing, heart skipping, panic-attack symptoms. Irregular heart symptoms and worse.” then you crash real hard. as to the other post - yes it will help with your marriage, it’ll kill you before your spouse will.

I buy the 24 pack at Sam’s Club every 2 weeks for 36 bucks. This is no bargain at all.

20,000 emergency room visits related to energy drinks last year in the US!

Great choice!

holy crap this “deal” sucks. after shipping they are cheaper at a gas station

Why are all the health police on here not wasting most of there time making comments on wine.woot since alcohol causes way more issues then energy drinks. You can take my caffeine when you pry it from my jittery niacin flushed hands!

Source? This is known to be unproven.

Walmart has it for $18 for 10. http://www.walmart.com/ip/5-Hour-Energy-Berry-Dietary-Supplement-Value-Pack-10ct/16627581

Not as good as Sam’s club price, but better than the Woot price

Woot’s trying to kill of their last few customers:

I’m a big fan of 5-hour energy and use it when I have little to no sleep and need to power through deliverables.

But know where it truly shines?

On a 20 hour move when you’re driving a 28-ft long truck trailing an SUV from Denver to San Diego in high winds and no one with you but 2 dogs in the truck cab who are freaked out. I could not have done it without the added b-vit boost.

Why DO they rent those things to just anyone anyway? I sure shouldn’t have been driving it!

5 hr energy is not your typical energy drink. The active ingredients include caffeine (as much as a cup of coffee), taurine (an amino acid), and B vitamins. Granted, the B vitamins are high levels and no research has been done to show the effects of this- but plenty of B supplements and Vit C supplements and “natural” cold remedies have high does of vitamins as well.

This product works great for me. Coffee gives me the jitters and stomach upset. I work as an RN and this helps me get through the entire 12 hours, half at the start of the shift and half in the middle of the shift. Sometimes I’ll make it last 2 days by only drinking some at the halfway point. Way cheaper than a Starbucks addiction. And better yet- I don’t feel bad or even that I have a ton of energy. I just don’t feel tired. Nice.

More info on taurine: