5-Hour Energy Original Berry 12-Pack

Lot’s of additional info can be found over at 5hourenergy.com

Very good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

$34.81 for a 24 pack at Sams Club

Thank you. (Confirmed… On line and in stock, but there’s a 10 percent surcharge if you are not a Sam’s Club member, which makes the woot deal a better deal. Damn you woot!)

Hardly a deal. Can get the exact same price at Amazon.

Woot! price is $17.99 + $5 s/h = $22.99

Amazon price is $23.32 + $7.24 s/h for a total of $30.56

I would have to either be a member of Amazon Prime or purchase something else on Amazon to get free shipping.

If I purchase three packs, Woot! total is $58.97 and Amazon total is $69.96

That’s 60 hours of energy!

I’d love to say these don’t work, or even that it’s the same as just taking a caffeine tablet (the economic choice) - but they work better. If you’re into that kind of thing.

This would be Berry enticing if they were the “extra strength” ones.

I used to love these!
My wife hates them, they make her puke. I could’t even open one around her, the smell reminded her of the inferno she spewed that sent her home from work crying. I had to pick her up that unforgettable day, and hold her hair out of the toilet during the exorcism.
One day, I drank one, and shortly after I was throwing up.
I wrote it off as food poisoning and unrelated… of course my wife was like “I told you so!”
Well, I was cool for a few weeks, drank a few more and all was fine.
Then came the day that I was throwing up again after drinking one, had to leave work which was a major let down, it was very busy that day; It was horrible, and I decided it’s not worth it, and put the bottle down… this time for good. I think they have quality control issues, sometimes there is black junk on the brim of the bottles.
But best of luck to you all! If you puke, my wife and I will be there saying: “I told you so!”

You are the first and only person I have ever heard about or read about that had this type of experience with this product.

Been using it for quite some time and never experienced any issues.

Why did you keep drinking bottles from that obviously bad batch of five hour energy?

Did you contact the company and let them know that you had such a violent reaction to their product?

My 25 year old daughter drank one early in the day and was planning on a late night and drank a second one. Well, she got her wish! She ended up in the ER!! Her heart was beating out of her chest! She scans hearts for a living but thought she was having a heart attack.

If this were a 24 pack it would be a deal but retailers have been discounting this to $12 a 12 pack for years. What happened to WOOT? Used to trust their “deals”! Not any more…yikes!

Walmart carries this for $15.98 just in case you have one close by.

I wonder if I can irrigate my fields with this stuff. Nothing like a good dose of electrolytes for the plants!!

HARDLY a deal? If you can get the EXACT same price from amazon which is IMO a good deal, why is this HARDLY a deal. SMH

Aside from the fact that this is a REALLY crappy “deal,” why would anyone pay $1.50 a bottle for these when you can buy Stacker 2 at local Dollar stores for a buck…or wait 'til Woot does a real deal and offers 48 bottles of Stacker 2 for $29.99?

Compare the ingredients — Stacker 2 stacks up side-by-side with 5-Hour Energy…

Walmart sells them in packs of 10 and not 12. Not really a savings.

I think you want Brawndo for that.

I’ve found a MUCH cheaper and MUCH healthier alternative to 5-Hour Energy shots.

I’m fortunate enough to have a job that allows me an hour for lunch. I save the last ten minutes or so of the lunch break for gasp a power nap! Then no 2:30 crash and I’m good to go for the rest of the day.

Heck even just closing my eyes for 5 minutes is typically enough to ward off (or satisfy) the 2:30 crash.

Save yourself some money and listen to your body instead of fighting it.