5 Outlet Covers/6 LED Nightlights Bundle

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5 Outlet Covers/6 LED Nightlights Bundle
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The one photo shows a modular cover plate, how do you order those?

That photo is to show the night view. We aren’t selling that variation. Sorry.

Dang, 'cuz I need a few of those.

Watch out. I bought some of these, or ones that look just like them from the front. They don’t work on my socket outlets because my sockets have the exposed AC contacts in the wrong place for the cover plates to contact the power.

You really need a pic of the back side of the cover plates that shows the contacts to be sure.

I picked up one of the outlet cover nightlights (either this kind or one very similar) and I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised with how well it works.

One other thing to be aware of is that the covers almost definitely will not work with GFI outlets (and I think the instructions even specifically say not to use them on GFI outlets), like the kind you usually find around bathroom/kitchen areas, particularly around sinks. They also won’t work with any outlets where one of the plugs is connected to a light switch and the other is always powered.

I would be buying this Woot if it didn’t come with the 6 LED Nightlights, since I would be use the outlet covers to replace some of the standard plug-in nightlights I already have in the house.

Are these cover UL Listed?

So does everyone with modern day outlets.

bought these outlet covers last time…

  1. they will not work with the square GFCI outlets
  2. they are very tempermental about getting the contacts right on my outlets

Overall, they do work, but I was kinda surprised how hard it was to get the contacts to line up on the outlet.

You need to have other colors available instead of only white

If you would like to get just the plug in nightlights they are only $13.99 for six or $16.99 for eight (and free prime shipping).

Nightlights on Amazon - Daylight

Nightlights on Amazon - Cool White

Thanks for this tip!!!

Bought a box of these last time. They are pretty shitty. The contacts don’t line up very well. And it does not mount against the wall very well. Over all just sh*t quality .

I Like these, I have a few already and it works great, will have to get some more

Can’t speak for the covers but the square led night lights are NOT UL listed. That’s a deal breaker for me. They are CL rated.

At least you didn’t stuff aluminum foil into the outlet box to make the connections like one of the commenters from last time did.

Wouldn’t buy these because lights shining out sideways would look funny.


Nightlight Outlet

I went this route after the last round of comments. Save the outlet for something else.

These items have been sold out. Why are they still up on the site?