5 Outlet Covers/6 LED Nightlights Bundle

Anyone know how the outlet cover plates are powered?

Going to guess it’s induction from the line current around the outlets.

The problem with these seems to be: who has vertically-oriented outlets? Guess that’s why they’re on Woot.

My outlets are all like this. I just did some research for similar plates and it appears they get their power from arms/contacts that extended alongside the outlet

What color are the outlet covers?? White, almond, ivory, other?

Vertically-oriented NEMA 1-15 (2 prong/15a) or 5-15 (grounded 15a) outlets are by far the standard in the US and Canada. Iirc NEMA 5-20 (20amp) outlets can only be installed vertically according to national code (ensuring the ground bar is above and will block anything conductive from falling across the hot/neutral prongs).

I think they’re on Woot because Woot is based in the USA. And these outlets are standard in the USA.


I bought; I tried.

These need actual sockets of a particular type. The contacts of the sockets have to be exposed kind of down on the side of the socket. Some sockets have the contacts exposed immediately under the plastic that is visible. These plates won’t work with those kinds of sockets.

UL tested?

I need the decorative outlet covers (Square opening). Are they available?

Most home have vertical outlets, not sure who built your house

I bought this deal last time. Outlet covers don’t fit any of my outlets. The Square nightlights are really bright

The plate have a pair of clips that snap around the power receptacle wire screws. Bought 10 of these a year ago, and they work great.

I bought some of these, but with our outlets, they wouldn’t light up unless the plate was slightly away from the wall. I tried all manner of adjusting the plugs inside the box, but it just didn’t matter. I returned them. They were very picky about the connection alignment.

The original company that makes these makes different receptacles shapes including Decora style. Also different colors These maybe a copycat brand and not the quality

What color are the nightlights. I made the mistake of buying one that is 5000k before and never again. They look a little yellower in the picture but I want to know for someone who has seen it in person.

Says white in description.

Same here. I bought the Snap Power ones on Woot a while back and the lights are too harsh. Would be nice if the color temp was listed. I’m looking for 2500-3000K which is similar to the color temp of a regular incandescent bulb (soft white or yellow-ish).

Beware. These may not work with your outlets. I now have five that I cannot use nor can I return them. Best to not buy them unless you know for sure that they’ll work. Great idea though.

See previous discussion on this.

It is a bundle of some of each… Sounds like a good gamble to me, plus I can always change out the power receptacle; they are cheap at Home Depot or Lowes, or another electric supply place and easy to install. I am in for 1.