5 Outlet Covers/6 LED Nightlights Bundle

5 Outlet Covers/6 LED Nightlights Bundle

The pictures show some standard two whole outlet covers, and others with the single rectangular whole. Do both types come in the package?

The rectangular one is to show how it works at night. We are selling the one with two holes.

Thank you!

…so, five plates that allow normal usage of the outlets and have built in nightlights at the bottom, and six square plug-in nightlights?

Correct. What’s shown in the first photo.

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I was? Oh no. :money_with_wings:

Err, I meant, thank you :grin:

How do the nightlights in the outlet covers get power. There must be a connection to the 110 VAC from the wall
EZ John

How are the five wall plate covers powered? Do they use a battery or is there some type of wiring needed to power them?

My order for this set has tomorrow as the expected delivery date, but no tracking number, so if it’s still up for sale when I actually get the package, I’ll post the Shocking Update to this episode of Unsolved Woot Mysteries

Hi there. I’m asking CS and the tools team if they can contact the vendor to see what’s up with your outlet covers.

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I’m assuming they work like the “Night Angel”? Googling the company in the listing (an “excess merchandise resale and shipping” operation boasting an entire employee) has dimmed :ba-dup CHING: my hopes a bit, even if they do eventually make it into the mail - on the one hand, I am overdue the disappointment my first BOC would have brought but for the hiccup with my Amazon account which reversed all my existing unshipped orders at the time… but on the other, gosh I hope the stock they sold Woot (and this week, Groupon, for a few dollars more :money_mouth_face: ) isn’t from Snap Power. That could be closer to a Box o’ Potential Fatality, based on the excitement to which two of theirs treated me. Passing singed wallpaper off as a “faux finish” I can handle. I’d just prefer not to repeat last February’s Attempted Broiling Incident, the subsequent evacuation of my entire building while the fire department folks went through every floor, and, most of all, being the focus of the collective wrath of that many frozen neighbors, staff, and pets.

I don’t know Night Angel. I have the SnapPower version - I think they were the original. I got them before everyone started making them. I love them. I’m selling that house but I’ll get more in my next house.

My email to CS didn’t get answered so I’m bumping it again. Sorry for the delay.