5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

These outlets are bright but don’t expect them to turn off when the lights are on. They only use 0.5W though.

Do the outlet covers need batteries? What kind of battery?

These would be great if they used red leds. As they are, they’re too bright for night-light use and the white light kills night vision.

The covers have tabs that contact the outlet for power. No batteries needed. I bought these from Woot a while back during a different sale. The outlet covers work well and I put them in bathrooms and kitchen. I’d consider buying again if I could get ones that match the color of my current outlets. White covers only.

Paint them.

Outlet Cover Plates with Nightlight (illustrative of night appearance. We are selling the two hole version)


What gives Woot, are these two or three light units?

Mate, that’s referring to the number of holes in the plate to fit the receptacles. I believe they have 3 LEDs

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The photo is of the designer series plate - one rectangular hole. We’re selling the standard two-hole plate.