5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

This is cheaper when purchased separately elsewhere although I’m sure the shipping won’t be as fast. Than again my dried out Jerky took nearly 2 weeks to arrive.

Yep, it’s a crap shoot with Woot. Somethings arrive in an acceptable fashion. I’ve had items take almost a month after pulling the trigger. Not directly related but son ordered some peppers from Texas a while back. Was supposed to be 1st class shipping. Took 3 days last time he ordered them. This time, 5 days in Texas before they left the state, 10 days in one of the USPS “sorting centers” and 7 days sitting at the local post office and for some reason, 2 days to get delivered. Needless to say they were a science experiment once they arrived. He opened the box, gazed inside, tossed them. This was in May. Can’t blame the White House for that as much as people are trying to do it now. Lots of people at home ordering stuff, so, do your xmas shopping now!

Got these on the last woot. Work good, give u light down halways that need it to walk at night.

These would be useful if most of my outlets weren’t behind a bed, couch or cabinet

Got four last time, only two out of the four worked.

Same - same here. Must have homes designed by same “Modern American” architect. All outlets are no more than 18" up from the floor, (most only 12) and are centered on a wall. Nothing near a corner for a table lamp. I added outlets in the kitchen to what were originally just 3 switch plates that controlled the lights.

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