5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

Has any body tried these? Do you recommend these?

I found 16 threads (including this one) for when Woot has sold this bundle.

I’ve seen reviews by people who were pleased by their purchases…


I bought them last time. They work well. The plug in lights aren’t super bright but plenty for a night light.

The covers work well. They have metal tabs that touch the screws on the side of the outlet. I bought the covers as a childproof nightlight. I had a kiddo once pull a plug out of the wall the stick meta into it. This let me have a nightlight and still be able to use the outlet cover.

This is frustrating. All my outlets are horizontal as opposed to vertical (common for the Chicago area). Which means the lights would not be aimed at the floor. I noticed a number of other products not suited to the horizontal orientation.

You are not alone- There are entire countries where these outlet covers will not work!

Works well for me… And all still working… Had them bout a year now… Perfect