5 oz. Bar Soap - Extra Virgin

How many virgins makes it extra virgin?


Made in China?

I’m not biting until I see a picture of the virgin.

I’m not getting fooled again!

Chinese Virgin soap? So are virgins in the soap or did virgins make it?

Soap woot!? Soap?

why not if youve unlocked free shipping for the day right?

  1. I love that there is a description on “how to use soap”

  2. Who wants to smell like olive oil?

  3. Made in china soap gives me the creeps

I am sure there is someone, somewhere in the world that would pay $5 for a small bar of bluish/green soap ((regular retail price)

Chinese olive oil?

So, you’re into biting virgins?

Shipping ruins this deal. Come on Woot.

Exactly what I thought.

Chinese virgin olive oil soap? Cruelty free? Mayhaps the sweat shops over there have turned into comfort shops.