5-Pack Outlet Cover w/ Built-In LED Night Light

5-Pack Outlet Cover w/ Built-In LED Night Light

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Is this sold out? What’s going on with this page? Who is Emily and why are her debugs not working? (LS: failed to get: emily_debug)

You gotta use the app.

This is an appsclusive deal, so a phone, tablet, or emulator is necessary.


(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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Thanks, I guess this is “new” to me. Oh my goodness, I’m unsure if I like this progression in shopping. I guess I’m just an old school wooter at this point.

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This set of plug covers is cheap garbage. Bought it sdveral years ago. Impossible to install properly, and the electrical connections do not line up without forcing them. The plug cover plate is unable to properly mount flush to the wall. Don’t waste your money.


Agree! Wish I had seen your post before I bought them. Finally got one to work after a hour of fiddling with it . Had to solder a little metal to the contact, because it doesn’t line up with the screws on the plug.


Woot did process a refund for them after I complained about the faulty contacts.


Bought these a few years back and I never got mine to work either. Waste of money and energy.