5-Pack Outlet Covers with LED Nightlights

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5-Pack Outlet Covers with LED Nightlights
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The last pic is of a different style outlet plate?

Does this use batteries or some other sorcery

They appear to have metal fins that touch the screws on the inside of the outlet, see here:


Also here’s what looks to be the same product from the mothership:

I bought several of these for both my homes and LOVE them. They usually are available in the Lutron style plate as well. I especially purchased several for my 87 year old mother-in-law for her home. She no longer needs to keep a light on to use the bathroom at night.

You bought this exact brand and model? I cannot find this brand/model anywhere on the Interwebs. I see some other brands with great reviews on the mothership, but given that this is an electrical device that is always connected to the live wires in my house, I am concerned about faulty devices causing a fire, so without reviews on these precise models, I will pay an extra $21 after shipping to get a set that is highly and multiply reviewed on Amazon.

Who is the manufacturer? Cannot find this manufacturer or item number anywhere on the web (Above Edge AEOC015).

I actually purchased the original manufacturer which are MUCH more expensive: https://www.snappower.com/

I also purchased a less expensive model at Bed Bath and Beyond and they look and preform IDENTICAL!!!

If you use google to search for images, you might find the actual manufacturer. When I did the search, it kept coming back with snap power from Amazon that had similar pictures; even the location of the sensor was mathing up.

I bought this 8-pack of night lights two years ago for $14 and they all are going strong. I see they are selling 4-packs now for $13

I get that it takes up one outlet and these don’t, but as others have said, I would not trust the metal clip design. Been through one electrical house fire, not trying to live through another.

I also like to be able to control direction of the light, have option to remove or relocate them as well.

Are these UL listed?

Call me skeptical, but anything that uses spring clips to rely on contact with the lugs on a power receptacle is a potential fire hazard if they’re even slightly loose. Space leads to arcing. Arcing leads to charring. Charring leads to resistance. Resistance leads to fire. Fire leads to death.


I have 1… I placed in a busy hallway… but I needed a color other than just white… it was like $20, which I felt was a bit on the high side.

it works fine… & at least our Old English Sheepdog don’t knock it off the wall anymore…

But if you don’t die, then you can sue! 'Murica!

Yeah, I am with you there. Also, imagine doing something stupid like touching the plate with wet hands - it happens. I can imagine your body becoming a conductor. These just seem to be a bad idea.

So that screw in the middle is decorative? Or do you actually need a screwdriver, a.k.a., a tool?

Death leads to suffering…

Oh, wait, um. Nevermind.

These seem such a simple, good idea, but just scream fire hazard. Then again I’ve never heard of any incidents, but maybe they’ll pop up over the next several years.

What is the temperature of the lights? I prefer soft white (2700K - 3000K) instead of cool white (4000K - 5000K), especially at night while I’m stumbling around the hallway looking for the bathroom.