5-Pc Comforter Set - 3 Sizes - 6 Colors

**Item: **5-Pc Comforter Set - 3 Sizes - 6 Colors
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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7/8/2013 - $69.99 - 15 comment(s)

So sad. Woot still hates CalKing. What did CalKing ever do to Woot?

don’t see a manufacturer name. so no reviews. no reviews no sale. oh well I need a new comforter.

I really really like the look of the blue one, but I’m not quite ready to replace hello kitty yet.


You would think it gets cold in the south, looking at all the southwestern states snagging up this deal.

No dust ruffle? Sorry no. Gotta have a dust ruffle.

Can’t speak for the SW but here in the SE (Tennessee within a few miles of Georgia and North Carolina) it has been a cool summer. First night down in the fifties was back in early August. So while sleeping with the windows open is nice, yes I want one of these.

Sounds like you live near me, and it tends to get a bit cool in the evening here too!

Just bought a white one to replace my several years old down comforter that has seen its last days. Bummer about no dust ruffle. Will have to make do with what i have.

It says it is made in China, but I do not see a “brand” name listed anywhere. What company makes the comforter set? Thanks.

Called Cal King for a reason. On the East Coast you rarely see them. It’s a West or West Coast item and size. It’s limited. Enough said.

It’s a secret. Sometimes we can’t disclose this info, just so other retailers don’t get mad. Sorry :confused: