5-Piece Quilt Set-7 Colors

Wondering why there are 11 colors offered, but your only picturing 7 colors?


Not trying to be a smart-alec, but the 11 colors are still available from the drop-down box.

Fixed for reals this time. Photos have been added in.

Sorry about that.

Is there a way we see each color? I want to know how yellow the yellow is and how sage the sage is… oh… wait, my work pc just doesn’t show them. Ha ha… nevermind. :wink:

This product is TERRIBLE QUALITY!!! The pillows came squished and misshapen beyond repair and the quilt, if you can call it that, is made of something similar to cheese cloth. Looks nothing like the picture!

Really low quality. I got this in Gray and it’s about 4 shades lighter than the picture and the quilt is very, very thin. It’s fairly soft which is nice, but I don’t think it will last through a washing. The “throw pillows” will be thrown away as I cannot think of any way to repurpose them. They are lumpy and squashed and look ridiculous. It’s nice to have an extra blanket on hand, but I would have chosen something entirely different if I was just looking for a spare blanket.