5-Piece Titanium Herb Grinder, Your Choice

5-Piece Titanium Herb Grinder, Your Choice

Is this 5" across or 5" high?

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2" high, 5" circle.

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Not titanium. Maybe titaniumish colored but this is aluminum or zinc


Anodized. Red and Green play together nicely.

There is absolutely NO way this is Ti for 20 bucks. No way. Alu, maybe zinc. You can’t even buy a grinder sized billet of Ti for 20$

Come on woot. I expect some honesty in advertising here.

Yeah, I brought this up after someone posted last time. I was ignored.


SO…I purchased these based on TTs 5" diameter 2" tall verification. WRONG!!
Its 2" across and 1.25" tall. I ordered 2, received ONE!! WTF WOOT!!

I’m sorry about the dimensions. I was going off the specs tab which must be incorrect. I’m asking the team to take a look at them.

Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

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I bought one last year (the tall one with access door) during the 420 sale.
It worked well for about a month before the threads stripped out. The lid won’t stay screwed on now, which makes grinding hard.

If you’re actually using this in the kitchen it might be okay, but if you’re using it for MJ, spend the extra on a good brand like Tsunami or comparable or you’ll end up with a pile of herb in the floor like I did when the threads fail.