5-Piece Titanium Herb Grinder, Your Choice

5-Piece Titanium Herb Grinder, Your Choice

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AFAF: Does this have the #TommyChong Seal of Approval?

Not made out of titanium. May be anodized to look cool but appears to be aluminum and possibly zinc

Hi there. I don’t see where you ordered one recently. Where are you getting this info? I’m willing to follow up but need more.

Physics. The mass of a solid chuck of titanium of that volume is closer to 3 ounces. If the product was titanium and machined it would of course lose mass rendering it lighter. This shows without a doubt that it is in fact not titanium or that the weight of the product both here and everywhere else I was able to find it listed in the internet is false. You tell me. Also the tooling cost and life for titanium machining is not conducive to making herb grinder at a price point under $100 unless gigantic volume. And then you may approach $50 per unit but margins would still be tight. How would I know? Product engineer for a metallurgical prototype firm.


I see your point. I found an article about it as well. Reaching out to our buyer so they can follow up with the vendor. Thanks for the info.

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Well said. You had me at “metallurgical” :wink:

I know what this is obviously intended for, but does anybody know if it would work on something like grinding Tylenol into powder?

Absolutely not. Doesn’t grind herb into powder.

You’d probably be better off with a pill crusher from Amazon, or Rite-Aid, etc. They’re made for pills and there’s less surface area to get the powder off of when it’s done.