5 Second Rule

Ah c’mon! The salt hasn’t even settled!

Aaaargh! I want pi! But this is a flipping sweet idea.

Haha epic!

I don’t get it :frowning:

I think easing up the ban on video game or Star Wars entries would decrease all these kawaii entries. I don’t think I’ve bought a derby shirt for myself in a long while.

And yall were worried it wasn’t gonna print. Isn’t this two prints in the last couple weeks for you? Congrats!

This is not a joke shirt. It’s really what happens when food falls on the floor. The bacteria/germs/whatever have timers and everything.

Unfortunately, Cholera doesn’t respect your silly rules. (Cause it’s in water)

Never heard of the 5 second rule?

“Wait for it… Wait for it… Now!”

Those guys better hope that pretzel isn’t fresh out of the oven.

The what now?

Wow, epic win! Congrats.

I love it except the pretzel. Really only because I hate them in general. Maybe a bagel or popcorn would have swayed me more but otherwise I love it

I’m no microbiologist, but the tall spiky one is freaking me out.

Any guesses on the bacteria? I’m guessing at least one is e coli.

Am I the only one who sees the angry face on that pretzel?

Oh please, this was already dis-proven and the person won an Ignobel prize for their research. On the other hand, yeah I love pretzels that much too. Especially the fresh baked kind.

Love this shirt I am buying it now