5 Shirts for $29: May 15 - May 16, 2023 (READ THE UPDATE!)

:smiley: I do not envy your job. Thanks!

You know I can’t wait for the comments from people trying to shop it tomorrow.


I was almost one of them. Now I need to actually make a decision today.

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Buy all the black shirts.

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Glad I thought about double checking the sale dates. Got my five shirts picked out in under 20 minutes. :sweat_smile:


How about a comment today in appreciation of the sale having happened instead?
Thank you all!


Aw man I popped in here on the 15th picked out 7 shirts, kicked 2 to the curb and paid via amazon card, just came in to check the shipping status and all 5 shirts are sitting in my cart and say sold out. no clue what happened. so sad

Did you check your “stuff I bought” section in your account to see if the order processed?

Sorry. It’s possible there was a message or something that needed fixin’ for your order to process and you missed it?

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