5 Shirts for $29! : November 7 - November 9, 2023

Ok I was one window behind that, as it seemed like it was going to transact choosing the payment and I needed to go a window further to see the discount, thank you for the screenshot.


Yeah. Shirt.Woot promo discounts don’t show up until the final screen.

Glad that you figured it out.

Now buy all the shirts. :wink:


Are any of the shirts v-neck. Due to medical conditions I cannot wear regular shirts unless they have big neck areas. I haven’t seen any v-necks pop up in these deals. Would be nice to see.

This assortment is only crewnecks, we do have v-neck shirt options on the featured shirts on our homepage. And those shirts are often on offer with other deals.

You will likely not see v-necks available in this exact offering anytime soon as they are more expensive.

Makes sense thanks! It just sucks as I really liked some of the designs :confused:

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Here’s a preview of some things coming up in November that will apply to V-Necks, specifically you’ll wan tot check out the Black Friday deal and the Cyber Monday deal…

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Just to let you know, I received the email notice of the sale at 12:50 a.m. today, Tuesday the 8th. I went to the page and confirmed the sale ran until 11:59 p.m. CST on the 8th. (BTW, it still shows this on the page.) I tried to make a purchase, only to find that the sale ended the same day it started due to low stock?! Here’s a tip: if you don’t have stock, don’t hold a sale, unless it’s a clearance sale.


Not cool, Woot. I didn’t know about the change. Got all my shirts in the cart as Christmas gifts but had to wait for my kid to text me his size- he replied at 1220 AM so I came to my cart to make the purchase and the deal had changed. I hope you bring it back .


Welp, my inattention to the time saved me fifty-some bucks. Don’t really have space, or funds, for more shirts anyway.

Had a couple shirts in the cart here but didn’t even get around to looking through all of them.

Not that I needed more shirts …


Pity that Men’s Medium wouldn’t help you.

Thanks for your feedback! If you could send me a message with a screen shot of your email that would be great as we didn’t send any emails featuring this sale today :confused:

We do state in the terms and conditions that the sale is valid while supplies last, and that is generally the nature of woot. We offer great deals daily or as long as the inventory is there. For print on demand shirts, we also have to take into account the ability to print and ship them on time. This deal had an overwhelming response on the first day so we had to end it early in order to ensure a good experience from purchase to delivery for the many, many customers that made purchases yesterday.

@Amandaraefoster there will definitely be more deals, I linked the November schedule above!

45% off shirts isn’t exactly the same as $5.80/shirt, but I guess I’ll take what I can get

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True. And these were unusually cheap because the discount was taken not off the “regular” shirt price of $19, but these were all priced at $15 each. It was that DOUBLE savings that got them down to only $5.80 each.
On the other hand, when the 45% off sale rolls around, you will not be limited to a preselected “collection” from which to choose; that deal will be on “all shirt apparel”. For example, in this collection I was only able to find 3 that I liked (besides others I already have!), so I was debating whether it was worth adding 2 that I would not have bought otherwise, just to get the deal. But then it turned out to be a moot (or is that a Woot?) point anyway because it ended prematurely while I was “sleeping on” the decision. That won’t happen next time, since the deal will be on all shirt apparel, and I will have already pre-selected those I plan to order.


Ugghh. Disappointing that the sale ended 48 hours early … my poor cart :frowning:


Sorry, I can’t send a screenshot of the email because I deleted it when I learned the sale had ended.
Yes, I understand the terms and conditions. However, to cancel an entire sale 2 days early because of insufficient, stock reeks of poor planning.


How about on Cyber Monday instead?

Monday, November 27

PRIME EXCLUSIVE BOGO — Prime members can buy a shirt and get one free! Running until November 28, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

BOGO = it’s equivalent to 50% off if you play it right by separating the orders of sale and regular price designs.


Yeah… put me down for ‘this kind of sucks.’ I get there was a disclaimer but had to wait to get some friends’ sizes to put in the order and find out about the change only today. I doubt any future deal is going to be what was basically 70% off.

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Well actually…it was 61.34% off.

Also, we have run this before. And will very likely run it again, many times. Because we like to sell shirts.

$19 is the actual full price, though, no? That’d make it 69.420% 69.474% off.