+5 Sword of Critical Hits

Cool design! Goes well with this IMO.

This is pretty nerdy, even for me.

I dig the creepy “Eye of Sauron meets Cthulu” emblem near the hilt.

I was about to buy this shirt, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

I imagine it might be difficult to roll that die since it’s attached to the hilt. Perhaps its detachable?

I think that’s The Beholder staring out from the base of the hilt?

That’s a beholder noob!

The Beholder is almost enough to make me buy yet another gamer geek shirt for my kiddo. For his 10th birthday, he asked me to make his cake in the shape of a Beholder. Yipes.

Looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster to me.

A critical hit to my wallet, and a failure of my will save to not buy the shirt.

Woah! Just read the Wear This Shirt and the This shirt tells the world section of the write up.

Feelin’ a little frisky/risque’ tonight are we woot writers?

Also, hooray for side placements!

Really creative. The positioning is also quite nice, too. Digging this one.

“I want four” button needed for hubby and our 3 gamer boys, please!!!

Hahaha! The sword of Bad Arse.

Meh. I like DnD, but I’ll pass. I was hoping for more text… or something more DnD related than a d20 stuck on the hilt.

I’d rather just have the sword.

I spy STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA on the hilt. Strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. Did I get it right?

Awesome game night shirt but not so obviously geeky you can’t wear it out in public.

Nice design. In for one. This would have made a good long sleeved t-shirt option.