5-Tier Foldable Metal Shelf w/ Wheels

5-Tier Foldable Metal Shelf w/ Wheels

Random color? I thought this was a society… :flushed::flushed::face_with_monocle:

I’m guessing that they need to unload their Pink and Turquoise colors that don’t sell and are taking up space. Another very sad and pathetic sales tactic by Woot management.

These racks are well worth the extra cost. But, not when they are random colors. Sell these colors at lower costs if they need to be unloaded, instead of insulting your loyal customers. There’s absolutely no other reason to do this ridiculous tactic.

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Better than what happened to me a couple of years ago when they still allowed you to choose your colour. I ordered two small antique bronze shelves to match a bookcase I had, but got sent two in Tardis blue instead. I’m guessing this happened a lot, so they changed to random colours.

I love these shelves. I’ve ordered them from Woot! 3 times - first time I got the color I chose from the list! Lucky me! 2nd time “random color”. OK. I bought 2 and got 1 white and 1 pewter. Can’t wait to see what shows up this time! (For the record, I’d be fine with pink or turquoise.) Anything’s fine, really - not getting them to be a color showpiece, though I do use different colors for different categories. They just have to be useful for what I need them, and they are!

Yeah 100% agreed, terrible tactic to unload some really off colors. If only I lived in a Hanna barbera cartoon!

On a side note I bought a 4 tier from the last sale where you could choose a finish. Great rack except it was bent a bit out of shape in places and now sits off center overall… I’d like to replace it but it’s so large I mean who wants the hassle of returning such an item.

So point is: BEWARE though these are exceptionally designed the packaging is lacking sufficient padding and during transit your random colored shelf may also be banged up, and you’ll have a hell of a new “conversation” piece.

BTW, the Mothership sells these in two colors - but you’ll have to pay almost twice as much for each.
I guess I’m double lucky - the ones I’ve bought from Woot! haven’t been banged up at all. Thanks for the warning for the future.
I hope I’m not jinxing myself!
Fingers crossed!!