50"-60" HDTV


I see a lot of people bashing Best Buy and other stores of that sort in forums. Where does everyone buy huge TVs, home theater components, etc? I want to upgrade to a large LCD or Plasma HDTV and the first place that pops into my head is Best Buy…but then I think of all the negativity toward them and I wonder where I should look instead.


Online. Look around, you should be able to find some refurbs fairly cheap, But be sure to look at the site ratings before you buy. You might also want to look at slickdeals.net for deals.


I ordered one off the INternet after my local store did not want to give me free delivery, although it’s internet site offered it. So I ordered it from a competitor and got it there. I am still reluctant to buy from a certain city because of the way the sales guy told me I could go ask his manager for free shipping as he smirked smugly at me.

I ordered my components from I think J&R electronics from New York City (I live in VA). It came well-packaged enough that it sat in the rain by my garage and the lovely Mrs. Kenney9226 backed over it in the powerful minivan, slid it 30 feet across my wet driveway, and it all still worked when I got home that evening.

I have been less than pleased with the local “big box” stores.

And my personal experience is that “Best Buy” does not describe that store’s prices at all.

But be careful- Costco and BJ’s sell SIMILAR but NOT THE SAME model TVs. One at Costco that was this close to my model TV (—><—) was way cheaper but had only 1 HDMI connection instead of 2. That matters in certain setups, so do your homework!

oh, and woot sells kickin’ subwoofers sometimes, too!

“and that’s my nickel’s worth of free advice.”