50 Days of Crap

me too!! ugh…

I am destined to never get crap. 0 for 1,000 or so at this point.

Got it!

I was in my cart about to checkout for a Kids! woot, and looked up at the Woot tab, saw a bag of crap, clicked it, added to cart, checked out. $5 shipping for a BOC + a Kid vacuum. Score!

I have fios too I went in from the community page I had failed 5-6 time before.

I’m a bit confused, thought I got it. The bag is under ‘stuff you bought’ with an order number, but the status says DENIED.

That’s crappy.

YESSS!!! Got stuck on the waiting list page. Refresh. Refresh. nothing different. After a few minutes, clicked STUFF YOU BOUGHT and YYYYEEEESSSSS!!! 1 Bucket of Coldbeer headed my way.

Make sure it doesn’t say DENIED next to the BOC!


I’m still waiting for:
A Song of Fire and Crap
9 1/2 Craps
Basic Crapstinct
And it would be nice to see:
Orange is the New Crap
The Walking Crap

You are welcome.

50 milliseconds of crap