50 Shades Of Gary

I think the same tea kettle is on amazon for $34.99 with free shipping - not that much less but makes this seem like not such a great price.

Nice selection, Grey… errr… I mean Gary. (But seriously though… nice selection.

Hi: Re the lamps - it looks like the shades are pink; are they, or is it just the bulb?

I was thinking of purchasing the Towle 9-piece stainless steel serving set especially after doing an Amazon search and finding it costs almost $49 there (no reviews BTW). Then, I read something on another site about the difference between 18/0 and 18/10 stainless steel. All the sets offered here are inexpensive because the stuff is cheap and won’t last. It is recommended people buy 18/10 for durability. I think I’ll wait to purchase an 18/10 set.

Why is the bed pictured as a king size, although it is only offered in queen size? Was the queen not impressive enough?

I’m told that the shades are white.

Offered in four sizes. Color looks like a hint of blue?

So sorry you were responding to the bed.

I really like the Baxton tufted chair and would want two but over at Amazon a set of two is $530 or $265 a chair plus faster shipping. Come on, it’s like you’re not even trying.

Or maybe they lowered the price hours after our sale started. :angry:

wonderful bed. I wanttttt

The chip and dip bowl is pretty, but all I can think about is how sloppy people are and that the chips are going to end up soggy.

At a party last weekend there was a bowl of ranch; I put a spoon rest directly next to it–touching the bowl–and people still dribbled all over the counter. ugh.

The Safavieh Mandell Chair Grey is being sold on Overstock.com for $227.83 right now.

I’m an idiot! Thought I was buying pillows, not shams…

Woot is an idiot too! I ordered 2 (set of 2) for 4 total. Woot shipped me 2 (set of 1) for 2 total.

Anybody want these???

Sorry you misread the sale. As to the missing set, please email support@woot.com for assistance.

I have contacted Woot, repeatedly, only to be ignored. I finally had to initiate a charge back. The worst customer service I’ve ever NOT received from Woot.

They did eventually, almost 4 weeks later, ship me the missing 2 items but by then it was way too late, especially considering they completely ignored me for weeks.