500-Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack

Can these be used in diving/snorkeling 10-15 feet?

Just received mine this morning and they are noit nearly as bright as depicted in the picture…maybe half that?
Not waterproof either. O-ring on the back end switch cap BUT no gaskets on the front at all.
They do have three modes, though…bright, dim and bright strobe which might be handy freaking out an attacker or pissing off a bear, otherwise the strobe is kinda annoying. The focus slides in and out and is pretty loose and wobbly. Pocket/belt clip is loose too and I’m afraid if i try to tighten the screws they might strip out the threads. The aluminum is soft and not a sturdy alloy. Overall, not as sturdy as I thought they would be and looking at them, I have $3.00 per pair flashlights from Harbor Freight that are brighter and a lot cheaper.
If it wasn’t such a hassle to send stuff back I’d return these…pretty disappointed overall.

Got mine today. Pretty nice. One seems brighter than the other, but nice and compact. Pretty sure you couldn’t use these for any sort of underwater activity.
Would have been nice if there had been at least a piece of paper telling me that I needed a AA battery. Had to come back to the website to discover that. Still, I have plenty of AA and AAA batteries…always buy those in bulk when I can.