500-Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack

These got 2.5 stars for a reason. Useful as long as you have lots of rechargeable batteries, but they run about 1 hour on max using 1 2300mha 3.7v battery. Keep one on my desk (IT) and even if I use it for 15 minutes, I swap out the battery. The case is useless but looks cool. My flashlights (which I got here) says “Army Gear” on the housing. Cool but you can get these kind of lights for 3 or 4 bucks each on ebay. So, in retro, 1 hour on high, less then 2 on low. Good batteries are the GTF TR 14500 3.7v Li-ion 2300mAh. With a charger (these are what I got)