500TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set with Bonus Pillowcases

Are these 500 single ply? Or more like 125 thread with each thread composed of 4 plys?

Hi Reluctant, these are 500TC Singly Ply cotton sheets.

Bought theese a couple of weeks ago on here. They didn’t fit either bed, king or queen. The quality really sucks. That’s why they are $39.

I’m really sorry to hear that. What was the issue specifically? Was it the depth of the sheet?

Thanks for the info.

What are the odds of these really being Egyptian Cotton?

ZERO chances in ZERO

Bahaha been waiting for the knockoff Egyptian comment!

pillow cases are too small for queen/king …wait but thats why i bought the queen sheet.
I’m calling BS on the 500 TC egyptian cotton on these unless they are egyptian burlap sac cotton . The sheets feel rough and raw, not at all like my costco sheets which is 540TC , I can’t imagine 40 more TC would make the difference in the feel of the sheets
These things are garbage in my opinion.

Hi there! I’m sorry for the problem with the pillowcases. Measure them and compare them to those on the specs tab. If they’re not the same, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Was getting ready to pull the trigger on two twin sets since just yesterday the wife was saying the kids needed some new sheets. Figured I should read the reviews first and glad I did, will look elsewhere for the kiddos sheets.

Just go to Target. The problem with WOOT customer service (in my experience) is that they fall all over themselves saying they’ll send a replacement product and then 2 weeks later they claim the vendor can’t supply it. Then a week later the same exact product reappears for sale on the site. At least at Target if the sheets are unacceptable they will take them back with no questions asked.

These sheets don’t appear to be a high thread count at all. They have a very obvious weave. They feel quite rough to the touch but as I understand it, smoothness & silkiness are the hallmarks of a high thread count sheet. I have also bought the nicer sheets at Costco…and these are not like them at all.
I was thinking at first that they might improve with washing…but now (because of other comments) I am worried about the fit as well! …I have yet to try them on.

agreed. really disappointed in the two sets of twin sheets i bought. no where close to 500 thread count egyptian cotton and poorly made. one wash and every hem is coming undone.

I’m sorry for the problem. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

A link to a photo speeds things up.