500TC 100% Pima Cotton Damask Sheet Sets

How would this compare to the 600TC Pima Cotton Sheets I purchased from Woot about 2 weeks ago? I’m really happy with these sheets so far, they seem very soft and well made, even though there’s no indication of who the manufacturer is.

Different type of weave, these sheets are a damask weave, which gives the stripe pattern.

The 600 was a sateen weave.

Would there be a noticeable difference in softness because of the lower thread count?

These are a nice soft sheet, but it is a slightly different feel than the 600 Pima sateen. This is due to the different weave.

Softness is not always the best thing. Think microfiber (polyester), it can be extremely soft, yet not NEARLY as nice a feel as cotton.

I just received my sheets…I’ll try them out for a few weeks and then we’ll see how/if they soften after washing/drying. I almost bought 2 sets but decided I better try one first. They feel fine coming out of the package.

Terrible, scratchy and itchy after several washings…but hey, they do look nice. I knew when I bought these online I was taking a chance…live and learn.

After using for a few months and washing many times they are no longer “scratchy and itchy”. I now like them. They fit my 13" mattress nicely, not shrinking noticed.

Not really… Costco has a pretty much forever return policy…these dont. If I dont like the ones from Costco I return them …no muss no fuss.