500TC Cotton Duvet Sets & Pillowcases

Are these a single pillowcase? 2? 6?

I would also like to know. Are these a single pillowcase? 2? 6?

I am with the manufacturer. The pillowcases are sold in sets of 2.

Why does the duvet cover sets say in the description, “comforter required”? Isn’t a duvet cover a comforter?

No, they are two different things. The duvet cover is simply the cover (and shams) that would go over either a duvet or a comforter.

There is no fill in the duvet cover.

I hope this helps.

How does the duvet cover close? Buttons? Zipper? That detail would be helpful.Thanks.

It would be closed with buttons.

question does standard size fit a queen bed?

I would like 2 of these for my down comforters. However I want some that are very light weight - adding little in the way of weight or warmth. The comforters are already quite warm and the whole concept of down is ‘warmth without weight’. Alas all the duvets I see are quite heavy. Might these fit my need? Also, the buttons - are they at the top?

Hi, the standard is for the pillowcases. Those would be for standard pillows… Typically used on a twin, full or queen bed. There are also king pillowcases available.

The duvet sets are sized in queen and king.

The buttons are designed to be at the foot of the bed so you don’t even feel the enclosure when you sleep.

These are 100% Pima cotton, so they will breathe better than a blended or polyester duvet cover.

I appreciate the response, but could I get a feel of the weight/thickness? Compared to a typical bedsheet - I’m looking for a cover of that approximate weight/thickness. How do these compare? I’m trying to save a trip to the 3B place and would prefer to buy here. If the product meets my needs.

The duvet cover is made using the same fabric as the sheets. So the weight would be the same as that as a typical cotton sheet. Just a top and bottom for both sides of the enclosure.

I hope this helps!

Sure does, just ordered. Thanks!

these are terrible. bought some last time and the buttons do not stay buttoned, so the comforter is always falling out

holy first world problems. at this price, i can afford to sew the button holes a little tighter.