50Ft. 10/3 Tri-Tap Extension Cord

$74.09 at Walmart w/ free shipping. Fail.

This is actually a really good deal…I just wish I had a reason to buy one…lol

Nice find…

10/3 SJTW:

S = Service Grade (also means extra hard service when not followed by J, V, or P)
J = Hard Service
V = Vacuum cleaner cord (also light duty cable)
P = Parallel cord (also known as zip cord) – Always light duty
E = Thermoplastic Elastomer (UL/NEC designation ONLY)
O = Oil Resistant*
T = Thermoplastic
W = Outdoor-includes sunlight resistant jacket and wet location rated conductors (formerly “W-A”)
H = Heater cable
VW-1 = Flame retardant
FT2 = Flame retardant

10-gauge, 3-wire

A million internet points for you… This is awesome!