51" L-Shaped Computer Desk

51" L-Shaped Computer Desk

FYI this is on Amazon (exact same desk) for $114.50 (sorry Woot, but we need to save the money to buy 60.00 packs of TP!).

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Do you have a link to the AMZN product?

Nevermind, I found it. #wootoops


What’s up with this Woot?

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Sorry, just saw this! Glad you found it, Did you also see it has a bunch of diff styles at the cheaper price too?

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Thanks. We’ve taken the sale down while we talk with our vendor.


Purchased 2, will expect a credit of the difference otherwise my WOOT days are done.

Well, technically we don’t price match but you can contact Woot customer service to see about canceling the order if you like.