52" Aged Bronze Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

I’m gonna put it on my beautiful covered patio boo…aowww :wink:

Igor one of these already on my beautiful covered patio

Are light kits available for this fan?

Looks very much like the three fans I installed on my lanai which are holding up perfectly after five years. Look just like they came out of the box, no deterioration due to being outdoors.

Three of things about cheap ceiling fans.

  1. They are generally buzzier (motor noise) than the good ones.
  2. Their lowest speed is two or three times faster than the good ones.
  3. They don’t work well with dimmers.

Those three caveats don’t generally cause a problem outdoors but inside they are downright annoying. My advice is to buy and put it on the lanai. (outdoor covered patio for those of you stuck in the great white north) That’s a very good price for an I/O fan.

I bought this the last time it was on woot and installed on my covered patio- GREAT fan! I think it is made by the same company as Hunter/Hampton Bay fans- install was fairly easy and exactly like the other 4 Hunter fans I installed. Best deal in town! Would buy again!

Would be nice if they included the fans CFM.
I bought a similar looking unit for my covered porch and it just doesn’t have the flow to do much good.

Anyone know?

Comparable …


If you are using a light dimmer on a motor…it will hum. What you need is a motor controller with three speeds. Put fan on highest speed and then you can control the speed with the motor controller switch. If you want a light for the fan, you’ll need a power feed for each and a switch for each.

I would never use a dimmer with a fan. I pull the chain to change speeds. Cheap fans still buzz and run faster than good fans.