54” Travel Size Lightweight Alloy Tripod

I think every night the wooterators get drunk/depressed/high, all of the above, and see what the most random stuff they can buy is, and then order it by the bagloads.

Then they mark it down 10%, sell it, get depressed over their loss, and restart the process. They rob banks once a week to make sure they don’t bankrupt though.

Is this compatible with my Averatec 18.4" All-in-One Desktop?

Wow… it is dead around here.

Hello, thing I don’t need! Why should I buy you?

$15 at Buxr

and $13 at Amazon with a lone unhappy review

I could have used this for my anniversary picture yesterday (as it was I had to sit there and pose for far too long as the camera was positioned correctly).

Pretty crappy review on amazon


Serious question: What kind of camera can you use this with? How do you know if it will work? (Am NOT a photographer, obviously.)

It could help you take steadier pictures of your limeheaded cat

http://www.amazon.com/Tripodguru-TRS-54-Lightweight-Travel-Tripod/dp/B003CPYDW6amazon sale and review

Pretty bad review on Amazon.

So I guess you are expecting a happy anniversary from everyone…

A lot of the cheaper tripods don’t have the bubble level - that’ll really come in handy. Easy purchase.

C’mon, everyone needs a backup tripod. Or three.




Yeah seems like the kind of thing you’d want to buy if you needed to stock up on Woot boxes.

Will my Kodak Z series camera fit this?

tripod stands are best bought with more money. it’s important to get one that doesn’t tip over w/ your canon slr 30d.

Awesome Amazon review, for what it’s worth…and no it’s not mine, but I was thinking of purchasing three.

“Basically this thing showed up on every discount site:…Woot, slickdeals, fatwallet, etc etc. I got it for 11.99 shipped, which is about $10 more than it is worth. The thing is extremely flimsy. Out of the box, the top-stage of one of the legs would not extend. Even when I said “I don’t care how much I destroy this thing, I will get that leg to come out” the thing still didn’t come out. The company is defunct. Their website is gone. Their phone number is disconnected. Avoid this piece of garbage at all costs. I knew the thing wasn’t going to be great at that price, but for those times when you just want something small and light, this should’ve been acceptable. It was not.”