54"x84"L Blackout Panels-S/2-5 Colors

I am a bit confused. They come with 2 panels so does that mean each panel is 54" across (width) or are both together 54" Anybody know?

“Each panel measures 54” W x 84" L"

Anyone know what the back side of these look like (thinking of using them as a room divider for a room that’s sometimes used as a home theater.

I’m also interested in the actual size and the color of the back.

The ones that were listed as 76" have been changed to 38". Does that mean these should be 27" per panel?

The specs say these are not lined. Does that mean the back is the same color as the front?

Now I am starting to wonder if I ordered the wrong size I noticed the dimensions changed as well. don’t think woot knows 100% about what they are trying to sell.

From the Specs
“Each panel measures 54” W x 84" L"

I would assume that means they’re a total 108" wide when put together.

Must have looked over this bit before I posted. Sorry!

I don’t think they open more than 75% of the actual length as they will always have folds in them due to the way they go through the rods.

Just received my “charcoal” pairs. Much lighter than shown in the offer. More like silver in my estimation. There’s a faint floral-looking pattern on the primary side, and the back is a shiny silver.

Not what I expected, but I guess I can live with them.

I couldn’t agree more. Not exactly “black out” either. But, like you, this is close enough for my needs.