550 AudioBooks Collection: Instant Download

Hi everybody! Nic here from the e-GO! Library.

I wanted to drop in to [A] say that I’ll be checking in when I can to help answer any questions, but also to ** proactively answers the most common ones now so here goes…





These audiobooks are not free anywhere (that we know of at least). Yes you can find similar titles free on sites like LIbrivox, but Librivox recordings for example are done by volunteers. Ours are recorded in a studio by professional actors (not celebrities) in high quality sound. Most have British accents while a few are American. Not to knock LIbrivox; it’s a great resource for sure, but there is a considerable difference


> All 550 AudioBooks are “Classic” Books. There is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:



The AudioBooks are unabriged and vary in length. There are many short stories as well as longer epics. In all there is roughly 2,000hours worth of listening. So at say 1 hours a day it should last close to 6 years.


lastly we encourage sharing these are not protected or restricted in any way. By all means, feel free share with friends and family. The more the merrier.

As mentioned I’ll be keepping an eye on these forums so if you have any quesitons please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help! Thanks everyone,


I clicked comment to say “Wow, what a ripoff, almost all of these titles are in the public domain! It might not even be legal to sell e-books…” oh wait these are audiobooks, nevermind.

I love it when something is as easy as 1 simple step, just enter a code, but no code is given upon purchase. Thankfully I logged in with my Amazon account or it looked like it was going to try to charge me for shipping too. Might want to check the details on this setup. My wife is excited to get the books. I’m just not sure when or where my “instant download” is supposed to come through a code. You have my instant money, now let’s get that instant code.

Thanks shemwelljr!

You should have received an email from Woot with the code/instructions by now. If not just let me know. Here to help. Thanks again and have a great weekend!


Odd - perhaps Woot’s sleeping in this weekend?!?

Anyways, I sent you a Private Message with a new code. Please check. Thanks!

Thank you! I’ll put it in when I get home and make sure it works. This is the kind of customer service I like to see. Good for you!

Woot’s customer service is clueless, too. I just sent an email asking about my codes (I purchased 3 and want to give two away for Father’s Day). Woot is asking me to send details of the “items received” … SIGH

I sent a copy of my order that they say they’ll send to the “vendor” to get the codes.

Check your private messages :slight_smile:

YAY! Thank YOU! Have a BLESSED rest of the weekend!

Yeah, I’d like to thank ppublishers for getting me sorted too. Thanks, I have downloaded the massive file, extracted it, and my wife is currently combing the library looking for her first choices to listen to. THAT is how you do customer service.

Happy to be of service! And glad to hear it all worked out. Wonderful weekend to you both as well. Thanks!

I’ve had the USB version for some time and am wonder if you could save me some time by point me in the direction of a good source fore those dual-tip USB stills by private message. I’m working on another audio how-to book and do NOT want to use a CD! (We started with cassettes 20 years ago!)

Thanks! John

How long should it take to get this code? I ordered it about 30 minutes ago, the expected ship date on the boot app is saying July…

Received by now?

Happy to Help John! Just send me a PM please

Also having the shipping issue. Was hoping to get an immediate code but I have received emails from Woot saying the product is being shipped and is expected in a few weeks : (

Did Woot send you the shipping confirmation email?

The Redemption Code is the “tracking number” that is sent in the shipping confirmation email Woot sends out.

So once you get the email with shipping confirmation/tracking number/redemption code, please go to this webpage to access the collection:


I believe shipping confirmation emails are sent out once or twice a day, so it may not come “instantly” after purchase. I think that might be where the confusion is.

Nothing is shipped. Doesn’t take weeks. But the email might come a few hours after purchase, depending on your timing and the system’s. Perhaps it should be renamed a “semidiurnal download”…just teasing :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense though and helps. Appreciate the understanding and apologies for any confusion Thanks, Nic

Hi Nic,

I got the email with both an order number and a tracking number but when I put either of those into the website I get “Sorry, that code does not exist.” message.