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How quickly should the redemption code be sent?

Hi everybody! Nic here from the e-GO! Library.

I wanted to drop in to (A) say that I’ll be checking in when I can to help answer any questions, but also to (B) proactively answers the most common ones now so here goes…



These audiobooks are not free anywhere (that we know of at least). Yes you can find similar titles free on sites like LIbrivox, but Librivox recordings for example are done by volunteers. Ours are recorded in a studio by professional actors (not celebrities) in high quality sound. Most have British accents while a few are American. Not to knock LIbrivox; it’s a great resource for sure, but there is a considerable difference


We provide complimentary Apple and Android apps so these are super easy to enjoy on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android device. These can be found as Option #1 in the download area when you redeem your code. If you wish to enjoy on one of these devices, please visit the redemption area DIRECTLY from your mobile device and follow the steps in Option #1 to get the app(s)


> All 550 AudioBooks are “Classic” Books. There is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:



The AudioBooks are unabriged and vary in length. There are many short stories as well as longer epics. In all there is roughly 2,000hours worth of listening. So at say 1 hours a day it should last close to 6 years.


lastly we encourage sharing these are not protected or restricted in any way. By all means, feel free share with friends and family. The more the merrier.

As mentioned I’ll be keepping an eye on these forums so if you have any quesitons please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help! Thanks everyone,


Important Note about Delivery Times

The redemption codes are sent via email once per day (at fairly arbitrary times). So depending on when you place your order, you might need to wait up to a day to get the redemption code emailed to you. Thanks for the patience!

You should have received it by now, please PM me if not. Thanks!

Ordered on Monday and I haven’t received an email yet. Should i be getting one soon?

Yea you should have certainly by now…can you send me your order # or name via a PM so I can check pour records as to what code Woot should have/will send?

PS.if this happens to anyone else please do the above and I’ll be glad to help. Thanks!

Have you checked your spam folders? we end up there a lot.

If you don’t find it, contact customer service and they’ll give you the activation key.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.