550 AudioBooks Collection: Instant Download

550 AudioBooks Collection: Instant Download

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Here’s the list of books


Just confirming it is a download only, not a USB drive as shown on their website?

Correct. This is the download version.

Can you put it on a thumb drive so you can listen on a PC or laptop? Or how about use with android auto in the car?

Yes, there is a direct download option. Once they redeem their code there is an option to download IOS or Android apps or direct download.

how long before we receive the code? and how will we receive it?

The code will be sent as your tracking number in a Woot! email. The shipping guidelines on the sale page are valid minus shipping time since they’re not being shipped. So probably within 5-7 business days?


Don’t waste your money. They’re all free for download on the Ibrivox public domain site. Besides, why would anyone want to pay for a collection that has the communist manifesto but not Animal Farm or Atlas Shrugged? Lame.


So it’s not the order confirmation #, it will be a separate email with a tracking number correct? And we’ll receive this in 5-7 Business days

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Correct. It’ll be sent as your tracking number. Will be emailed in 5-7 business days or sooner. We’re close to the weekend so factor that in.

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Why does the product state “Instant Download” if we have to wait 5-7 business days?

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I’m guessing at the 5-7 business days. Could be much faster. And I didn’t write the sale so I really don’t know.

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The same books are avaiable for free but this set uses professional narrators.


How did the sale get on the web site if someone at Woot didn’t write the sale?

This is kind of a dumb question, but it begs to be asked after reading the answer “I didn’t write the sale” from “Woot Staff”.

Well, at least “Woot Staff” answered, so kudos there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You think I do EVERYTHING around here??? Please. I surprised as much as you guys most of the time.


FWIW, I just looked at the order for the first person that ordered yesterday and they already have their code.



I bought this same collection back in the olden days when they shipped them on a USB stick.

I thought it an exceptional value and have enjoyed the higher quality recordings over some of the “free” versions out there.


Are these in MP3 or some standard format, or would I have to listen through their app?

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I see this on their site: