550 AudioBooks Digital Download

550 AudioBooks Digital Download

What is the audio quality?. Is there somewhere to here a sample?

I see some samples on their home page:


Are these full versions or abridged?

This page says unabridged.


Public-domain titles, no info on narrators or producers… is this another of those shady companies downloading and reselling the free content you can get yourself from Project Gutenberg, Librivox, and similar?

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It’s a legit company and a good value for the price. Here’s a review I did earlier:

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It still seems from the details given in your review that the audiobooks in the collection are likely to be the ones put up for anyone to download freely from Librivox or similar volunteer-based nonprofit free digital libraries. If that’s the case reselling free stuff for money with no added value (often to people who didn’t realize they could get the same thing free elsewhere) is a shady practice. Sadly, a lot of people are doing that out there.

Could you possibly give any details showing otherwise, like is there any sort of liner notes or text file indicating where the material came from or who made it?

Hi folks, Nic here from the e-GO! Library…

These are all classics whose written counterparts are indeed in the public domain. The Woot description does state they are classics and the index is provided right?

These are NOT Librivox recordings that anyone can post under no quality control. These are our OWN which we created in sound studios using professionals. That makes a HUGE difference when listening to a story as the voice has to be captivating.

You’re also getting the whole collection at once which is going to save you tons of time and hassles. And the complimentary apps.

If you don’t think that’s worth a few bucks, that’s totally up to you. As you say Librivox offers free books too. But we think this is a pretty darn good deal…of course we’re bias :wink:

Thanks! Nic


Thanks for the clarification!

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I know I’ve gotten something from e-go before, but I wonder if it’s the same collection as the last time…

And I can’t seem to go back far enough in the list of the items I’ve bought to find it.