5600 mAh Quick Charge Powerpak

5600mAh for $27? U W0T M8?

Even if this is literally plated in gold, don’t go for it. You can find a high-quality 10,000mAh power bank, with dual USB outputs, for $10-ish elsewhere.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that the “5600mAh” on this thing is pre-conversion, meaning you’ll get anywhere from 80 to 50% of that actually pumped into your device.

This product sounded like a great deal. 5600 mAh powerful battery pack and it came with 2 of them. I order this when it was basically full stock. I waited for 3 weeks and once it arrived it only had one of the chargers. I contact costumer support and they told me they couldn’t do much for me that they can only give me half my money back. Now the pack isn’t that great, this the guy next to me said, you can purchase a actual good one for a better price and much more mAh. Don’t recommend this. Hope you also get your full order(s) too.

I have bought this and find out the real output is about 85% of the “5600mAh”, it charges my iphone 6 twice in full, charges my ipad mini about 80%, not bad. It also says Samsung brand lithium ion batteries inside.
Like the soft touch feel, not like other Power bank in amazon.com