5K Survivor

Congrats Walmazan

Just the right air of triumph, although slowing down to celebrate might not be the best idea.

We do a yearly GIRLS ON THE RUN 5k at my school- I might have to grab this to replace the cheesy shirt they give us to run in. Love it!

Don’t even want to think about what the entry fee was.

1k later he was eaten by monkeys.

Maybe raising money for the Turn the Demonic Monkey Temple into a Minimall campaign wasn’t such a good plan in the first place.

I’m clueless here. What’s the reference?

Temple Run Click the link…if you dare

Thanks guys for the support and I will let you know I’m proud because I finish the 5K in the temple run and here is the proof. After that, I die, but who don’t?


That’s awesome! Those runner games are too much for me- I would be embarrassed to post my score page! hehe-

Now, try me at a strategy game and I may impress!

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