6+2 Narrow or Extra Wide Black Roll Cart

6+2 Narrow or Extra Wide Black Roll Cart


Anyone have one of these? :person_shrugging:

Ha ha, somebody trying to create traffic. Of course Wooters have tons of Adeptus USA carts. You know that.

We use ours down at the orphanage for the children’s coloring books.

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pfft orphans can’t afford SOLID WOOD! Ridiculous!

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They look really nice, and so does that garage/mud room/ I can’t tell what the heck room it is but It’s a huge waste of space unless you’re parking a car in there.

Just FYI, these have been featured many times on Woot. They’re a pain in the ass to assemble, but they’re a good cart.

The OP knows this and is waiting to awkwardly wedge a certain topic into the conversation.

ohhhh, well I’m a pain in the ass too but also top notch!
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I’ve always thought @jniemeier’s review is one of the best we’ve seen for these.


Thanks @pepper114 for posting that link to @jniemeier’s review.

We wanted to use a rolling cart to keep medical supplies, washcloths, and couple changes of clothes near a hospice bed.

We did not want to get a plastic one.

We looked at metal ones, but we decided to look at ones made of wood.

So we were asking if anyone had purchase one of these.

(Sigh) Need to block toxic trolls again. (Not you @pepper114. :hugs:)


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