6/24-6/25 - Site Issues [RESOLVED]

Thunderthighs here. I’m going to take over this thread to keep you updated on the site issues.

7:50pm CT
Issue 1: Grocery on Desktop is showing a very disappointing graphic.
Issue 2: All Deals on desktop isn’t working
Issue 3: Categories in the app are not working. Now working except Grocery

9:20pm CT
No update, unfortunately. Devs are concentrating on trying to get the app categories up and working again.

9:30pm CT
Most categories are now working on the app. Exceptions being Grocery and All Deals.

10:25pm CT
All Deals is now working on the App. Grocery is the only category not working and we will not be able to fix it until the larger issue is fixed.

12:00am CT 6/25
Oh, it’s been a long evening/night for many of us. No update. Just didn’t want you to think I forgot about you. Lots of teams across Woot & Amazon are working on this.

1:05am CT
Issues are now resolved. Huzzuh!

For 10% off on the App:

You can put your things in your cart from desktop or mobile web (ask for the desktop site). Then you can go to the app to check out. TY @pepper114

Request desktop site on iPhones
Request desktop site on Android

Original Post: 10% off for Amazon Prime members but cannot get to the item i want ro purchase, cuz all categories except clearance won't open. Grrr

Hi. Are you using the app? Its working for me when I browse on the app. Have you tried clearing the cache and restarting your phone? You may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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Not working on android phone or tablet. Rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled. Worked fine earlier today. Very frustrating

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We are having some technical issues. Please be patient.

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Ahh. Now its broke on my end too. Weird they didn’t all go at once.


Just when I was about to spend some money on the app. I guess my bank account is happy. I did just successfully play the app game though.


Well, so much for going to bed early.


I believe you can still purchase. Just can’t get to the categories.



Drink some coffee and good luck fixing everything.


I don’t drink :coffee:

But I did finish my


@davejlives TT needs some slippers.

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The website was broken for me at around 6:50 PM CT, but I forgot to pipe up.


If you log in on the website you can add items to your cart. Then log in on the app and complete the purchase. That’s how I order the shirts not listed in the app when there’s a discount. It’s a work-around.


Been patient now pathetic I need to look at not just clearance 10% off & app can’t handle grrrrr

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Just remember folks, just because this is America, does not mean you are entitled to spend your money at any time or place you want in order to further engorge the corporate fat cats…

OH wait, I’m sorry, someone has just informed me that is EXACTLY what Murica is all about. My bad.

Grumble on, my fellow patriots!


I understand your frustration. Our team has been working on this for a couple hours now and are doing everything possible to get things back up and running.

See @pepper114’s suggesting about loading your cart on desktop and then paying with the app.

I’ve added more information about this in the first post.

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I’m going to say that it was Russian hackers…


They should do the 10% discount again. None of the categories work except the clearance. Oh well, not much stuff to choose. For a moment I thought it was just me.

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I think you mean the woot cause!

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