6.5" Double-DIN Touchscreen Receiver

The radio is not bad for the price. The features work as stated. BT no issues. Radio does have issues sometimes receiving the local stations. Would be better if it had HD included. The GPS does work however… If you need an updated map GOOD LUCK with that. When I took a closer look at the software I know why we the consumer cant update it. It seems that they HACKED a copy of it and manipulated it to work from this head unit. I called Lanzar and ask them how could I update and beside the fact that they have no clue on the term Customer Service they told me after I finally got a human on the phone that they would need to do the update on an SD card that I would have to purchase every time then send to me. The tech gave me the person to call "sams@lanzar.com or 718-535-1825". I tried several times calling and emailing over several days and NOTHING.
So if you accept the risk then buy it. But if you want customer service then stay away from LANZAR period.

I purchased the Lanzar radio with GPS. Was the MicroSD card already inserted into the GPS card slot or was it packaged elsewhere with the unit? Mine keeps saying to “insert the SD card”. My unit apparently did not come with it.

Make sure to dig around through all the packaging as it will be small. If you don’t find it, contact Pyle. They’ll be able to replace it where as we don’t have the part.

I actually purchased the Lanzar unit and the MicroSD card is nowhere to be found. I went through every centimeter of every piece of packaging. I’ll try contacting Lanzar and see how that goes …