6-Bottle Hanging Leather Holster



6-Bottle Hanging Leather Holster
$19.99 (Normally $30.00) 33% off List Price


It’s Thursday! (Non-wine day)


These also work great in a bathroom to put rolled up towels in place of the wine bottles.


You don’t keep wine in your bathroom?


Can anyone who’s owned this tell me if they’ve had any bottles fall out? I can’t tell if this is a great idea or an awful idea. Thanks in advance!


Right after I hang this on the wall (an accident waiting to happen), I am gonna run with scissors in my hand.


Yawn I remember when woot used to have great deals on things people actually wanted to buy. It seems like Amazon just moves their slow sellers on Woot now. Sad.


I concur.


I agree, it has been months since I have seen anything worth buying, very sad.


When I was a kid we just used Woot! to buy Mom’s insulin and Grampa’s pacemaker batteries. Wait a minute is that stitching around little windows over the wine labels. That’s darling. In for two!


A Bandoleer of Chardonnay. I want to buy 2 and strap them across my chest.


Will anyone here be able to show off their wine collection with a 6 bottle holster?

Does the bottom bottle drag on the ground once you buckle it around your waist?


I was thinking I could tie up my wife with this…

The upside to the new woot stuff sucking like others have said is I have more money in my pocket.


Awesome, I was just thinking last night, “I really wish I had some leather to hold my wine in”.

I’m sorry, but if this actually goes with any of your decor, you need a style adjustment.


Finally! Woot offers the elusive Bandolier of Chardonnay

edit: Rats. Beat to the punch(line) by pyromilkman. :frowning:


Too funny!


I love how you try to head the common questions off for us in advance. Thanks, Cesare!


Only if you will stock them with F-bombs!


I like where this idea is going.


Can something uglier, tackier and just an all-around bad idea like this possibly exist?

I think not.