6 in 1 AC/DC Power System & Jump Starter

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6 in 1 AC/DC Power System & Jump Starter
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Bought this the last time it was on Woot and it is a dud. It will never fully charge, and then loses its charge in a matter of days. Unless you want to leave it plugged in and charging full time, it is useless.

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com

I bought one similar on Woot and it was dead…wouldn’t hold a charge. I had to send it back to the factory at my expense. Very heavy…$15.00 return freight for a new battery to be installed. More Woot junk.

Excellent Reviews over at Amazon

Well that’s a bummer, I actually put this in my cart 'cause I need one, but … between yours and pro400’s comments, I think I may pass… need something reliable.

I purchased this last time it was up. Came without AC adapter for charging. Woot gave me a small refund, contacted manufacturer and they sent wall charger. Thing works great. Had a battery failing and used this to jump my car 2 times a day for a week, never charged it during that time. Also used it to pump up tire on my wife’s car. Over all pretty happy with it. Yep it’s heavy. I like the long cables and they are easy to put back in place.

I’ve had other jumpstarters. This is is by far the worst. Useless is the best word that describes this box

This thing is begging for a steam-punk makeover. And you gotta love the face it’s making. Too bad the reviews aren’t better.

Thanks for all the feedback, I really need one of these and compared on Amazon where it is $111.45 (free ship) which made me think this was a good deal, until I read the comments, thanks for helping to keep wooters informed.

I too was looking to buy one of these, but after reading all the negative comments, I’ve decided not to buy one here.

I had one of these and it worked well for a small time but after less than a year it would not hold a charge anymore.

Only 7 reviews on Amazon. Too few to form a reliable conclusion as manufacturers have been known to plant reviews and/or “encourage” people to leave positive reviews.

I am paranoid about needing portable power and even own one of very similar to this. I recently purchased this…


which completely surprised me and I would recommend this product (and they make a smaller one that is more affordable) completely. It is surprisingly small, lightweight and once I got it, in order to prove its claims, I disconnected the battery completely from my 5.4L V8 Ford F150 and attached it to it, thinking “no way” will this little thing start my truck like the big 'ole battery that’s in there. I was wrong, it started right up and the power meter didn’t even move. I think they claim I could have done it 40 more times or something. Anyhow, I could not give a higher recommendation for that type of jumper and I have seen similar ones on Woot before. May be worth waiting.

My .02, spend it wisely.

i bought one from costco many years ago. it works very well.

inside is a seal lead acid battery (12v, 18ah, ub12180), which will eventually die. i had to replace it once. you can find them at amazon.

i’m now on my 2nd seal lead acid battery and it is still going strong.

very handy on camping trips, and emergency jumping. i always bring it on long trips or camping trips.

And I was just coming here to talk about the song parody that’s going to be stuck in my head all day.

Agree it’s a dud. The air compressor went out first, then recharging…but hey, the LED light still works!!!

Good reviews over at Home Depot.

edit Woops! Didn’t see that they were already posted.

I’ve actually been eyeing this up for quite a while. This would come in handy for a few applications. On the fence but this is a good discount, good to see that good deals can still be found around here.

I was looking at the MicroStart units, also. Love the idea of a jump starter that fits in your pocket.

However, I have heard that the lithium batteries become very unstable in cold temps. Not a good thing when your car is sitting at the airport all week in sub-zero temps.

Think I’ll check out the Clore Automotive units, they have a longstanding reputation for quality units.