6 in 1 Multipurpose Power Source

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6 in 1 Multipurpose Power Source
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Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at HSN.com

Bought this on a previous Woot sale and it is a total waste. It never fully charges and then loses the charge within days. It might work if you could always leave it plugged in, but other than that it will be dead when you need it.

I bought the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter from Amazon back on July 28, 2012 for $58.65. I’ve used it more on other people’s cars than mine.

Yes we all should know the small air compressors on these are never that good (#1 complaint) Want a good one…buy a $100 one.

Anyways Comparing the 2:
Stanley: 500 Amp, 1000 Peak Amp
Mobile: 300 Amp, 600 Peak Amp

Both have USB, Light (S: swivel, M: fixed), at least one 12v socket, AC/DC charging, and on/off switch.

The charge indicator on the Mobile is better than the Stanley one though, but both will tell you if their charged.

With $5 shipping from woot $75 total, I’d rather pay $5 more and buy the one I have already on Amazon for $80, but I don’t need to mine still works just fine.


Here is the “Instruction Manual”:http://www.northwoodswarehouse.com/media/pdf-manuals/2032-instruction-manual.pdf
… Just in case NO ONE wants to read it… Hahaa

More often than not, the reason these fail is simply because of bad battery maintenance. It all starts when we buy these, not read the manual, fail to condition (or “prime”) the battery by not leaving it plugged in to an AC source for at minimum 24 hours as is typically recomended by most manufacturers. In fact, from the instruction manual for this unit:

"Fully charge the Boost 200 according to the following schedules:
First time charge: 32 hours
Recharge and subsequent charge: 24 hours.

If you fail to do that, then these units will not ever get fully charged, and a bucket that is only half full, will empty faster than one that is filled to the rim.

The other thing to keep in mind is that this is simply a (lead acid) car battery with some bells and whistles that will -by their very nature- drain whatever charge the unit might carry even if only used for a shott time period.

Your car battery is connected to the alternator and is on a constant charge cycle (as long as the engine is running).

So in addition to the full charge upon purchase, these chargers require that you develop a regular and systematic charging schedule to compensare for the battery part sitting idle for days at a time, losing its charge, and not getting a boost to keep it fresh and ready. Failing to do so will likely result in it not having enough cranking amps to start your car and/or taking forever to build up enough of a charge to develop enough of a current to charge your car.

People who presume that other people are stupid are really annoying. I presume that Debpad did follow the directions; the item is just junk. Thank you Debpad for the helpful review.
Also, some people have a life and regularly charging an emergency charger for the rare time you would use it is not on mine either.
I’ll pass.

Lead Acid batteries are a poor choice for long term storage. Anyone who has left their summer season lead/acid battery powered or started devices over a fall/ winter season knows that you have a good chance of finding a dead and unchargeable battery come spring. Sometimes , though rarely, they work just fine. Storage temperatures and position also play a part. I’ve had a few of these type devices over the years and none have been any good if left in your trunk or garage and ignored. But used regularly, kept above freezing, charged and stored properly these can be a handy source of temporary power. There is also a chance that the unit was not handled/stored properly before you even get it, but you can usually replace the battery alone with an even higher capacity/quality unit. But honestly it’s more work than this old man wants to mess with.

I have a Stanley jump start battery, and it’s been fully charged (according to the battery indicator) for months upon months. I can’t remember the last time I recharged it.

got one of these for a family member around Christmas when It was on here before. it’s gotten quite a bit of use since then thanks to low temps and forgetfulness brought on by musical cars

anyway, point is the jupstart, light, and inverter functionality have all made our lives easier. I will say while the air compressor works, it’s incredibly slow.

I haven’t had any trouble with it losing a charge, but then again as I said it’s gotten a lot of use and typically gets plugged in after a couple of uses, we also keep it in the house or heated shop and not the garage where it gets overly cold (single digits on a regular basis)

I bought one of these last time they were offered (Dec. 2014). Charged it up, didn’t use it, then went out of town. Got back, truck wouldn’t start, tried to use this piece of junk, DOA out of the box. Can’t return it cause of the time limit (3-4 weeks). Don’t waste your money or time on this.

How well does flagging down benevolent strangers when your battery’s dead fit into your life schedule?

It is useless to compare Amps/peak Amps between models because they all lie. This unit uses a 10Ampere Hour AGM battery totally incapable of 300 let alone 600 amps even momentarily. That said its boost power is pretty much the same as any competitor’s model using a 10Ah AGM. It will jump start a low battery vehicle but not a completely dead battery vehicle.

I wish to comment on the 6-in-1 Multipurpose Power Source. I have used this device for more than one year now and have not found any defect in it. My friends are asking me to buy for them. Please can you direct me on how I can get more pieces of it for my friends. Ukeamezhim