6-in-1 Multipurpose Power Source

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6-in-1 Multipurpose Power Source
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HSN Reviews

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I keep one like this charged up at home.
I’ve used it a few times to help people with dead car batteries & to jump start my riding lawnmower.
I also used it when replacing a car battery, to keep the electronics working smoothly.
It’s been pretty handy.

As a young female driver, I have a similar unit I keep in my car and love the security of knowing if I have to jump start my own car I can (although I still have cables in my car as well). Mine has also come in handy when I’ve been approached by a stranger in need of a jump. I can hand it over and not feel quite so connected to/involved with them and if I feel like I need to get out of the situation I can drive away and would only be out the power source. Would recommend this sort of item for young drivers in particular so you can know they’ll be able to help themselves.

To answer prospective questions that others might have:

Q: Can it power X?
A: Only if X uses <=200W (claimed capacity continuous, 400W is the claimed peak.)

Q: How much amperage does the usb charger put out?
A: 2.1A

Q: How much power does it hold?
A: 10AH (but they don’t say the charge, so this number is truly meaningless weasel speak.)

Q: fine, what I mean is how long will it run my 20 watt fan?
A: 4 hours 30 minutes (see instruction manual for other details as I’m not your writing monkey)

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: How long do you have? The first time at home (110v) it takes 32 hours, subsequent charges are a more manageable 24. If you choose to charge via DC it takes 6 hours while your engine is running.

For the answers to other questions see the manual at http://mobilepower-us.com/pages/product-manuals (this is model 2032)

This should be used for jumping your vehicle (if you need to do this frequently buy a new battery, or a deep cycle battery if you don’t drive much), not for an emergency power source to run your house.

Mine was DOA - save your money.

This jump box is useless. I know because I ordered one right here on woot. I’m in the car business and I’ve ordered many jump boxes. Trying to save money on these items is a mistake. The best jumpbox for the money is the Clore JNC660 ‘Jump-N-Carry’ 1,700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter found on amazon for about 130 bucks

Amp hours is the most important spec. 10 AH means the 12 volt battery can provide 10 amps for one hour before the voltage drops to too low, usually around 10 volts.

Does that also mean that it could provide 1 amp for 10 hours?

It looks so sad…

HOLY ELECTRONS, BATMAN! I got this for less than the cost of replacing the battery in my current DieHard and I got more CCA’s to boot. Such a great deal I bought two - one for me and one for my son.

Correct if you use one often. I rarely need that much horsepower. This one will serve my needs. Actually, the ones with Lithium batteries are the current gold standard.

From the IMPORTANT ADVISORY NOTES part of the manual:

Do not operate this device while wearing vinyl clothing. Static electricity may be generated when vinyl clothing is rubbed.


Yes and no, the AH is important, but only if they tell you how long it took to reach that AH (e.g. you can make a smaller capacity battery 10AH by dragging out the discharge longer due to an effect whose name escapes me at the moment. These sorts of battery devices don’t have standards while for deep cycle batteries the standard is 100 hours (so all deep cycle batteries have been through the same procedure, no one is trying to game the system.)

There is absolutely no guarantee you could pull 10 amps for an hour on this thing (and I suspect you wouldn’t be able to as the usually over optimistic usage I mentioned, the fan, using standard math gives you 7.5AH)