6-in-1 Multipurpose Power Source

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6-in-1 Multipurpose Power Source
Price: $54.99
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ordered one last time, charged it the 30-some odd hours it states, was a dud. awaiting refund.

get a stanley jump starter at walmart, cost less than this and last a lot longer.

Last one I bought here, they shipped using one layer of cardboard as “packing material”. Considering the weight, completely unsurprising it arrived smashed up. They had none to replace it with, so I just had to ship it back for a refund. All I got out of the deal was a fair amount of inconvenience. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time…

It talks about acting as a air compressor, but I don’t see any tubing/connections (and my cheapo DC-powered pump just conked out) - any idea if there are any included? The specifications tab isn’t very useful.

$86 bucks on Amazon. Some questions asked and answered. Three reviews.

I bought one of these the last time it was offered.

I also thought it was not charging but you have to turn the switch on located on the back for the amp gauge to work and for all of the other items to work.

I have used this already to air up tires…works just fine.

Compared to many others like this unit, this one has an inverter. This is really handy to test out things outdoors or to use a 110 plug somewhere. This was a big selling point for me.

I mainly use these for airing up tires and now the inverter.

For the price, it worked out okay for me.

Is it just me? Or do these look like robot heads?

The WOOT specifications section is abysmal. Here’s some more from various sources.

Size: 6/5"x9.5"x9.5" (Too big for your glove compartment but small enough to tuck in the corner of your trunk.)

Wt. 12.2 lbs. (So you won’t be using it on your backpacking trip to blow up your air mattress.)

Claimed Battery capacity: 10A/h (most likely a sealed lead-acid. Typical for a unit like this.)

IMO from my experience with similar units.
Battery life is probably 3 years if they are fresh and I don’t see any visible entry point for ease of battery replacement.

Air compressor volume and pressure is suitable for passenger tires. It says 260 psi but volume is the key factor here.

Handy to have a unit like this in the car.


Seriously, I bought something similar to this and the most use it’s had has been as a tire inflator: cars, motorcycles, bicycles.

Still think they look like robot heads. :smiley:

Meh, never mind. Sorry.

Very helpful! Thanks!!!

Great reply and information(:Did I miss info on any supplied cables & clamps?!)